About Us

Margaret Visciglio has won short story competitions including the 2012 National Year of Reading Award. “The Blue Roses of Orroroo” won the 2007 Three Day Novel Race, reached the 2009 semi-finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Competition and won 2013 People’s Choice Award. “On the Edge” was published in 2014.


VL Boyd: An author with a passion for history, culture, psychology and mythology, Vikki enjoys the genres of fantasy and historical fiction for their capacity to explore society, morality and the human mind. She has recently completed a novel The Triskelion Stone: Gate of Remembering, an urban fantasy blending Celtic mythology, Scottish clan conflicts and the early days of Governor Macquarie’s convict colony of New South Wales. She is currently working on two additional novels: one involving Egyptian mythology, and the other, the Renaissance and Zoroastrianism.


M A Trent wallows in the speculative fiction modes of alternate history (including steampunk), non-magical fantasy and soft science fiction, indulging in short and long form fiction and currently considering graphic novels. She has written 1.7 YA fantasy novels in an Australian setting and is currently prepping for a novel “that’s got something to do with Vikings”.  She is no fan of Face-twitter-gram-ogging and does not, although does occasionally haunt the sites of others.


Liana Skrzypczak is a writer of YA fantasy and science fiction whose first novel was shortlisted for the Impress Prize for new writing talent and signed to Harlequin’s Digital Series First imprint before the line was discontinued. Her new novel was the joint recipient of the 2015 Hachette mentoring program.  When she’s not at the beach surfing, she can be found spelling out her extremely long Polish last name and explaining how she got it.  See more: facebook and twitter.


Fay Lee was born in Port Moresby but grew up in Hobart as a halfling stranded between worlds.  She studied engineering because “the best science fiction writers are engineers”, moved to Adelaide for work reasons and unexpectedly found salvation (…Jane.  It’s purple). A looming 40th birthday triggered the need to write, which she survived thanks to a husband who forced her to eat, sleep and act human.  The three week mania left her with a 50,000 word manuscript, initial stages of RSI and the resurrection of a lifelong passion.


Ad Astra Alumni

Tia Reed loves everything fantasy but most enjoys writing about issues in a secondary world setting.  She lives with a cat who delights in providing both inspiration and a multitude of distractions. She has had a number of short stories published and her urban fantasy novel The Grotesques was published by Tyche Books in 2014.

JJJ Williams has always sensed the writer within, lurking in the shadows of his mind. His great love is High Fantasy. James has already finished the first draft of his first novel and is currently working through the rewrite. James has no published works… Yet.

Benjamin Twigg is a Science Fiction and Fantasy writer who lives in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. Ben is currently working on finishing a Science Fiction novel set in a future Adelaide.




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