Membership Guidelines

We are currently seeking new members from Adelaide, Australia, where we are based.

Our group consists of speculative fiction writers with intermediate to professional skills. Our aim is to produce high quality work with a view to publication, and therefore we ask that potential members be dedicated to this endeavour. For this reason, we are probably not the best group for beginners.

Our group meets once a month in the CBD. We usually start with a writing exercise and our efforts are shared with the group. Following this, we deliver prepared critiques on previously submitted work in an honest but constructive way. Our third order of the day is a minuted meeting to take care of administrative issues, and we usually finish with a general discussion and catch-up.

Critiquing forms an important part of our meeting. While we love pointing out the good in someone’s work, we equally draw attention to areas that need work. It is rare for members to tell others ‘I think this is perfect’ because that conflicts with our aim of reaching a publishable standard. If you are looking solely for affirmation of your brilliance as a writer or see yourself as a hobby writer, we are probably not the writing group for you. We do ask  potential members to come along to three meetings before they join, and to have a piece of work critiqued within that time. This will enable us and you to decide if we are a good fit for each other. Occasionally a potential member finds the critiquing session confronting and does not wish to return. That said, we would like to stress comments during these sessions are opinion. They are not personal, are offered solely with the purpose of improving a piece of work, and aim to be constructive.

If you are interested in joining, please e-mail us at adastra dot group at mail dot com. One of us will be back in touch with you, but please be patient as this mail box is not checked daily. We ask potential members to submit around 3,000 words and a short introduction (100 words or less) so we have an idea of where you might fit within the group. We have a limit of twelve members at any one time and, at certain times, we do have a waiting list for membership. Our twelve member limit is strict as we have found this number optimal to ensure everyone receives in-depth assessment approximately twice a year and has the opportunity to contribute to discussions.

We also apologise to any of you who tried to contact us via the contact form previously on this page – we were unaware until months later all those e-mails disappeared into the ether.  Please contact us again.




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